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Ommegang Frozen World Double IPA

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Experience Frozen World, an icy departure from your ordinary IPA. This beer undergoes a cold fermentation process, resulting in a refreshingly smooth taste that showcases the vibrant hop flavors while minimizing bitterness. With every sip, you'll be greeted by a dazzling explosion of lemon and a remarkably invigorating sensation, courtesy of a skillfully blended assortment of citrus hops. As you reach the finish, this brew reveals a semi-dry, pristine, and invigorating character. With an ABV of 8%, Frozen World Double Cold IPA is the ideal companion for summer days, offering a cool sanctuary from the scorching heat.

Double IPA

25oz Crowler $12.00, 32oz Growler $14.08, 64oz Growler $28.16

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