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What's on the Calendar? Exciting Upcoming Events in the Store!

Updated: Apr 14

Join us today, April 11, for a free tasting of products from around the world! We will be sampling Mack’s Ginger from Australia and offering it mixed with spirits to showcase its versatility. We will also have samples of Rioja wine from Spain, a Chardonnay from Chile, and a Cabernet Fran from Argentina.


Bottles have now been hidden!!

But wait, there’s more! On Sunday, April 21, we are having another famous GSFW Scavenger Hunt! In case you missed our last few, here’s how it works: we receive coveted, hard-to-find bottles and hide them around the store. On Sunday, during the day, we will announce on our GSFW Facebook page and our Instagram feed when the bottles have been hidden. (We will also post to the website for those of you who do not have social media). Once you see the post, stop by to find your bottle to purchase! Limit of one bottle per customer. This time, we are intentionally offering our scavenger hunt on the weekend, to allow more people to have a shot. Happy hunting!

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