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Fresca Mixed Vodka Spritz Pack

Chateau Des Jacques 20.png

This isn't your Grandma's Fresca!

8 Pack 12 fl oz cans $17.89

Introducing the Vodka Spritz Variety Pack: Experience the ultimate vibes with the meticulously crafted selection. Each ready-to-drink cocktail is a fusion of real vodka, distilled four times, and the refreshing zest of Fresca citrus flavors. Discover the perfect balance of Original Grapefruit Citrus, Mango Citrus, Mixed Berry Citrus, and Pineapple Citrus, tantalizing your taste buds in every sip.

With no added sugar, indulge guilt-free in this invigorating blend. Unwind and embrace the moment, as the 5% ABV gracefully accompanies your enjoyment.

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