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Imagine if every person who visited our store for the first time got paid for becoming a loyal customer?  Getting new customers to try out our business is a good way to grow—but getting our existing customers to return is even better. How do we do that?  With amazing customer service, quality products, outstanding selection and one of the best rewards programs available.


With FIVESTARS, we treat our loyal customers to rewards by giving points for every dollar spent in our store.  After spending $250 dollars in our store* those points are transformed into a $20 gift card to use for purchases at GoodSpirits.  


No gimmicks, no tiered pricing, just straight-forward rewards. You can use your gift cards for any purchases and for any products.** Get discounts as well on your birthday for inside store purchases!  And better yet, we only need a phone number to get you started!  Become a loyal GoodSpirits customer and get rewarded every day!


* Gas, lottery and cigarette purchases are not redeemable for points.
** There is a minimum of a $100 purchase for alcohol to redeem gift cards to meet state required minimum pricing.

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