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Malt is one of the basic ingredients of beer. After water, it is also the one used in the largest quantity. And yet, few know exactly what it is, often with misunderstandings and blaring mistakes. In brief, the word malt indicates any grain that has undergone a malting process. When we talk about beer, we make reference to barley malt, bur wheat, rye, oat malts also exist.

Malted grain is used to make beer, whisky, malted milk, malt vinegar, confections such as Maltesers and Whoppers, flavored drinks such as Horlicks, Ovaltine, and Milo, and some baked goods, such as malt loaf, bagels, and Rich Tea biscuits. Malted grain that has been ground into a coarse meal is known as "sweet meal"

Simply put, the malting process induces some chemical transformations in the grains and thus makes the cereal ready to be effectively used in the brewing process. It is believed that archaic forms of malting already existed when beer was originally invented. It would therefore seem that we have always used modified cereals to make beer.

Our huge selection of malt will allow you to put your precise signature on whatever you are brewing. In various sizes from 1 lb bags to 50 lb bags we sometimes resemble a feed store. If we don't have exactly what you need, we will order it for you!

Make Beer, Whiskey, Malt Vinegar ~ Flour ~ Malted Milk

$2.49 to $136.99 (1lb to 50lb sizes available)

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