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Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock

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This beer, with its rich malty character, harkens back to its origins as a monk's recipe, displaying true heartiness. Known as "The Pope of Beers," Conrad Seidl describes it as nearly black with a hint of red, boasting a sensational, frothy head and an exceptionally unique aroma that evokes visions of savory bacon. The initial taste offers mild fullness with a subtle coffee undertone that intensifies in the aftertaste. Unlike many doppelbocks, it's notably less sweet. The Ayinger Celebrator has earned numerous awards and is a frequent contender among the world's finest beers, as recognized by the Chicago Testing Institute. It's available in 0.33 Vichy bottles and occasionally in 30-liter kegs.

$17.29 (4-pack) $4.59 (single)

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