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Goose Island Matilda

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With a wild and intricate profile, our Belgian Style Pale Ale, Matilda, boasts dried fruit and clove scents, along with a delightful dry finish. Drawing inspiration from renowned Trappist ales, this brew undergoes fermentation with the unique Brettanomyces wild yeast strain. Matilda showcases a radiant golden hue, a spicy yeast essence, and a gratifyingly dry conclusion.

Brettanomyces, often referred to as "Brett" in the brewing world, is a wild yeast strain known for its distinct characteristics. It has a long history in brewing, initially discovered in the 19th century. This yeast strain adds complex flavors and aromas, often described as funky, earthy, and slightly tart, making it a key component in various beer styles, especially sour and farmhouse ales. It has gained popularity among craft brewers for the depth and complexity it can bring to their creations.

$12.49 (6-pack) $3.49 (single)

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