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Kros Strain Brewing Company Tan Limes Lager

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Nebraska Brewing Company

Introducing TAN LIMES, a Lager - Helles with a refreshing twist. With a smooth 4.8% ABV and a delightful absence of bitterness at 0.0 IBU, this beer embodies the essence of summer. Picture yourself slipping into flip-flops, revealing the poolside ambiance, as you savor the first taste of the season. Kros Strain meticulously crafted its take on a Light Mexican Lager and infused it with invigorating lime flavors, sparing you the effort. For an extra kick, add a hint of salt and let the beachfront view complete the experience. Explore the versatility of TAN LIMES by transforming it into a captivating michelada.

6-pack $12.39 Single $1.99

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