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Lindemans Framboise Raspberry Lambic Beer

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Raspberry lambic is a versatile beverage – not only is it an excellent aperitif, but it also lends itself well to culinary applications. If there's any left in the bottle after cooking, we savor it in a glass.

Exclusive Technique

This young lambic, aged for a minimum of one year and enriched with a minimum of 30% raspberry juice, undergoes a maceration process.

Since 1980

  • Alcohol Content: 2.5%

  • Color: Dark pink with a subtle pink frothy head

  • Storage Tip: Keep the bottles horizontally stored.

  • Calories: 52 kcal (per 3.5 oz)

  • Taste: It boasts potent raspberry scents with a touch of caramel and the characteristic slight tartness of lambic beers in the finish.

  • Food Pairings: Ideal with endive salad.

  • Serving Temperature: Recommended at 2-3 °C.

Fun Fact: Lindemans Framboise is a popular choice for weddings and gourmet receptions.


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