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Ballotins Flavored Whiskey Collection

Chateau Des Jacques 20.png

Original Chocolate

  • Ballotin Original Chocolate Whiskey is deliciously smooth, with rich flavors of chocolate fudge mingling with the oak and vanilla undertones from the whiskey.

Chocolate Cherry Cream

  • Ballotin Chocolate Cherry Cream is silky and beautifully balanced, with deep whiskey notes complementing the rich chocolate, luxurious cream, and bright Bing cherry flavors.

Peanut Butter Chocolate

  • Ballotin Peanut Butter Chocolate Whiskey is a delicious new take on the classic treat. We blend our whiskey with all-natural chocolate and peanut butter flavors to create a remarkable new taste sensation.

Caramel Turtle

  • Ballotin Caramel Turtle brings together rich and creamy caramel and pecan flavors, wrapped in dark chocolate and punctuated with a backbone of barrel-aged whiskey.

Bourbon Ball

  • Ballotin Bourbon Ball reinvents an iconic favorite. Velvety chocolate notes and rich buttercream meld with the whiskey’s toasted oak to create a decadent taste experience.


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