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Får Nørth Spirits Musketeer Rye Whiskey

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Single Varietal Rye Whiskey

Musketeer Rye, originally bred for Western Canada, is well-suited for our harsh climate. It stands taller in the field, which can lead to lodging but excels in overwintering. When sipped, Musketeer offers distinctive baking spice notes like clove, allspice, and sandalwood, complemented by stone fruit flavors such as apricot and sour cherries.

Base Ingredients: 95% Musketeer Rye, 5% Malted Musketeer Rye (from Vertical Malt in Crookston, MN)

Processing: Hammer-milled and mashed on-site.

Fermentation: Open-top fermented with our house-selected yeast for 4-5 days.

Still: Distilled using Fritz, a 500G Hybrid Pot Still by Vendome Copperworks. Double distilled to 150 proof.

Maturation: Aged for 18 months in new 15G oak barrels from Black Swan in Park Rapids, MN. Barrel entry proof: 118. Light filtration to remove barrel sediment. Non-chillfiltered.

Availability: Special Release, Extremely Limited

$52.99 750ml

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