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Får North Spirits Bødalen Bourbon Whiskey

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Introducing Bødalen \BO-dah-lynn\ single estate bourbon whiskey, proudly recognized as Minnesota's Best Bourbon by the American Craft Spirits Association in 2019.

At 94 Proof, each bottle of this exceptional bourbon is meticulously hand-numbered, ensuring a unique and exclusive experience for every connoisseur.

Aged in locally crafted oak barrels for 18 months, Bødalen draws inspiration from the enchanting Norwegian valley near a majestic glacier that shares its name. The exquisite mash bill consists of 60% heirloom corn, 30% Hazlet rye, and 10% malt barley, culminating in a harmonious and distinctive flavor profile.

Upon the first encounter, the nose captivates with enticing notes of toffee, sweet corn, and orange zest. As you savor the initial taste, the palate is met with a delightful combination of peppery and vegetal nuances, enriched by the earthy essence of the wood. The finish is truly remarkable, boasting a surprisingly long, luxurious, and lingering character, adorned with delightful hints of bitter chocolate and brown sugar. Bødalen is a bourbon whiskey that invites you to explore a captivating and unforgettable sensory journey.


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