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Paul John Nirvana Single Malt Indian Whisky

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Best in Class Whiskies of the World 2020

Originating from the enchanting Goan coast of India, Nirvana is a captivating creation that awakens the senses with gentle hints of bourbon, fruitcake, and an alluring caramel pudding. Its honeycomb sweetness delicately caresses the palate, accompanied by a subtle note of salt-kissed barley. The succulent presence of vanilla ushers in a honeyed finish that promises transcendental experiences beyond the ordinary realm.


Nirvana greets the nose with an alluring blend of honeyed bourbon, decadent fruitcake, and a subtle hint of tempting caramel pudding.


Experience a delightful, soft honey flavor with a touch of salt-kissed barley, creating a luscious mouthfeel reminiscent of honeycomb sweetness.


The finish is exceptionally long and richly flavored, with honey, barley, and succulent vanilla gracefully intertwining.

Harmony: A joyful dance of barley intertwines seamlessly with high-quality oak, offering a dash of genuine Goan delight.


Deep copper in color.


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