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Crafted for those with a palate for purpose, Dough wines were created in collaboration with the James Beard Foundation and chefs to be food friendly & future friendly.

Dough Cabernet Sauvignon: This expressive Cabernet Sauvignon from Dough Wine is built on the foundation of Mendocino fruit. Through an extended maceration period, the juice was kept in contact with the skins, resulting in the extraction of rich colors and tannins. This process imbues the wine with layers of captivating aromas and flavors while lending an elegant depth and body that gracefully envelops the palate.

Dough Chardonnay: Crafted from cool vineyards in the North Coast AVA, this bright Chardonnay from Dough Wine offers refreshing citrus notes and a touch of spice. Delight in flavors of fresh pineapple, stone fruits, and crisp Fuji apple, with a crisp and creamy finish. Hand-picked from select vineyards, this layered and food-friendly wine is perfect for everyday enjoyment or elevated occasions.

Dough Sauvignon Blanc: This Sauvignon Blanc from Dough Wine is crafted from carefully selected fruit sourced from two North Coast counties. The result is a lively and refreshing wine that strikes a perfect balance, offering a delightful experience for every palate. Try it with toasted crostini smeared with wild-caught smoked salmon & lemon-dill dip, or sustainably caught shrimp tacos.

Dough Pinot Noir: Experience the authentic essence of Oregon Pinot Noir in this captivating wine from Dough Wine. It entices with enticing aromas of tart cherry, red fruit, rose petals, and black tea. On the palate, vibrant flavors of black cherry and raspberry take center stage, complemented by a subtle hint of spice on the finish. The wine's smooth and velvety tannins, coupled with a touch of French oak influence, contribute to its luscious yet delicate style.

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