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Seafood Friendly

Kim Crawford French Rosé wine captures the essence of the French lifestyle. It boasts an elegant and vibrant character, showcasing fresh red fruit flavors, delicate floral aromas, and culminating in a refreshing, dry finish. With its pretty pale pink color, the lively nose reveals enticing notes of berries, rose petals, and watermelon.

The palate indulges in rich fruitiness, featuring hints of watermelon and fresh cherries, and concludes with a crisp, dry finale complemented by floral nuances. Produced in France, renowned for its expertise in cultivating this varietal, Kim Crawford Rosé is the perfect anytime wine. It can be enjoyed as an aperitif or a summer sipper and pairs wonderfully with lighter salads, roasted eggplant, or grilled swordfish.

750ml $16.99

Kim Crawford Rosé

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