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Seafood Friendly

Tasting Notes: Experience the vibrant allure of Klinker Brick Albariño as it unfolds with strikingly bright tropical aromas, accompanied by hints of zesty lemon and a subtle mineral touch. The palate is enriched with a delightful mid-palate richness, perfectly balanced by a mouthwatering acidity that accentuates the flavors of juicy white peach and invigorating citrus.

Food Pairing Notes: Indulge in the culinary symphony of flavors by pairing Klinker Brick Albariño with an array of delightful companions. Allow it to harmonize with the creamy goodness of washed rind cheeses, elevate vinaigrette dressings to new heights, infuse spicy meat rubs with its complementary nuances, or accompany any fresh seafood creation straight from the sea. Let your taste buds embark on an extraordinary journey of culinary delight with this versatile wine.


750ml $14.99

Klinker Brick Albariño

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