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Côtes de Provence

This seafood superstar pairs excellently with tuna tataki, grilled scallops, or a burrata and citrus salad with grilled fennel. Also beautiful as an aperitif with a few salty nibbles.

This rosé displays an exquisite pale pink hue, complemented by soft peachy highlights. Its aromatic profile is truly captivating, offering an immediate explosion of white peach, pear, invigorating grapefruit, and refreshing pomelo scents. The well-balanced thiol elements add a powerful yet elegant touch to the overall aroma.

On the palate, delightful hints of small red berries intertwine harmoniously with lively citrus notes. The wine's brightness and mouthwatering appeal culminate in a lingering, mineral-infused finish. Crafted with exceptional skill, this alluring rosé is a perfect choice for a wide range of occasions, enchanting and satisfying every time.

58% Grenache, 19% Syrah, 16% Cinsault, 3% Mourvèdre, 3% Carignan, 1% Rolle

$25.99 750ml

Pure Mirabeau En Provence Rosé

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