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Sorceress' Bubbling Lemonade: A Witch's Brew

  • Ice

  • 2 oz Empress 1908 Gin

  • 2 oz Fever Tree Sparkling Sicilian Lemonade

  • 2 oz Blue Curacao

  • 1 Rosemary Sprig

  • 1 pinch of purple Spirdust


Step 1:

  1. Very carefully and slowly pour the Blue Curacao into the glass, allowing it to settle at the bottom.

  2. Add your ice in - save room for the sparkling lemonade on the last step

  3. Next, pour in the Empress 1908 Gin over the back of a spoon or by pouring it gently down the side of the glass to create distinct layers.

  4. Top off the glass with Fever Tree Sparkling Sicilian Lemonade

  5. Finally, add in your pinch of purple Spirdust, and very gently stir

Step 2:

  1. Garnish your drink with a fresh rosemary sprig for an aromatic touch

  2. ENJOY!

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