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Haunted Harvest: The Midnight Melon On the Rocks


  • Ice

  • 1 bottle of Limited Release On the Rocks Midori Sour

  • 1 pinch of green Spirdust

This bottle can serve 4 people if you use 3 oz per glass.


Prepare your glass:

  • Choose an on the rocks glass like the one pictured above, or a glass tumbler like the one pictured to the right.

  • Add a handful of ice cubes to the glass for a chilling effect.

Pour the eerie elixir:

  • Give your Midori Cocktail bottle a good shake to get the flavors flowing.

  • Slowly pour the Limited Edition On the Rocks Midori Sour over the ice in the glass (3oz) per cocktail. Watch as its ghastly green hue flows into the glass.

Add a pinch of green Spirdust:

  • Just after pouring, sprinkle a pinch of green Spirdust over the elixir. Watch as it shimmers and adds an enchanting glow to your drink.

  • Give it a stir to get the glitter glowing.

Garnish (optional):

  • If you're in the mood for extra festivity, consider enhancing your drink with a garnish, such as a blackberry on a cocktail pick or a combination of pineapple and cherry.

Serve and enjoy!


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